Objective Exploration

Not sure if your idea has legs or if you're suited for entrepreneurship? We get it. Part of our mission is to enable you to gain confidence and a clear understanding of what it will take to get your company off the ground. Let's problem solve.

We Won't Bite

An honest and meaningful evaluation can be tough to come by in the startup world. We're here to change that by providing you with the opportunity to be heard by people who want you to succeed.

More Time on the Vine

For ideas that aren't quite ripe, we'll think through the issues with you until there's a clear path and plan.

Got Something? Get Going!

Once you feel like you're ready, we'll help you map out your first steps and assist however we can with moving forward.

Let's Do This

Need More?

This is the Fund Part

We'll facilitate the process of calculating how much initial capital you will need to get the ball rolling, and then aid you in identifying and pursuing an appropriate source of funding.

Plan & Prep

We can provide you with strategic resources that you can leverage to form your business model, conduct research, establish a marketing strategy, and formalize your product features and design.

Shared Connections

We’ll gladly connect you with contacts in our circles that can give you additional advice, insight, or services that are outside of our wheelhouse. Matching you with the right people is thoroughly fulfilling for us. We'll love seeing you succeed in relationships we foster.

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