Practical, Scalable, Secure

Startups need to be efficient with resources. We want to ensure that your budget is being spent efficiently on a product that's built correctly from the start and that will be malleable enough to grow with the demands of your users.

Production Matters

You're putting your ideas into our hands. That's why we dedicate more time than most to tech discovery so that those ideas form with the right features and reliable code that can be easily maintained by your development team.

Elegance and Ease

Our engineers create simple, accessible interfaces with built in viral loops to keep your users engaged.

Coding Craftsmen and Women

We assemble code with the same precision and care that you'd expect from your home builder.

Let's Do This

Preferred Technology Stacks

Server Apps and Rest APIs

Python and Django
Postgresql, ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ
Heroku, Digital Ocean, or AWS

Browser Code and Single Page Apps

VueJS, React, or Aurelia
Nginx on Digital Ocean or

Native iPhone or Android Apps

React Native

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