Grow More With Less.

We believe that you should be able to grow your company without having to seek or exhaust funding. Our profit share model enables you to scale up your operation at a lower risk.

Keep What You've Built

We forego equity in favor of a cash and profit share combination because it incentivizes us to help your company build real value instead of just perceived value while allowing you to maintain full control of your cap table.

This approach also allows you to pursue or avoid investor relationships as desired. Not every company is looking for funding, and in those cases a shorter road to profitability is optimal. Conversely, our model gives companies that are seeking funding more equity to bargain with.

Our flexibility lets us work with a wider range of clients, whether they're the next big thing or the next door thing.

Your questions answered.

Is a profit share the only option if I want to work with Flexy?

Not at all! We're open to nearly any type of compensation model that's fair to us and to you. We can work out a customized plan that makes sense for your company's current cash flow.

What if I take on investors after we've entered into a profit sharing agreement?

If a prospective investor is worried about reduced dividends, the profit share can be negotiated into another form of compensation that they find more agreeable.

What if I already have investors?

We're familiar with the needs of investors and will be glad to work out a plan that fits your collective goals and the state of your business.

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